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5 Ways Our Dentist in Dunedin Helps With Dental Phobias

For the millions of people who suffer from dental phobia, a visit to the dentist is more than just a fear; it’s a daunting, anxiety-ridden experience that can sometimes cause you to avoid necessary dental care. However, rest assured, Bayshore Family Dental’s dentist in Dunedin goes the extra mile to accommodate patients with these fears. Below are five ways we create a space where dental phobias are understood and accommodated.

1. Gentle, Painless Techniques

At Bayshore Family Dental, we utilize tools and methods designed to minimize discomfort and maximize efficiency, so you feel comfortable but also don’t have to be in our dentist chair for long. This can help drastically reduce the anxiety you associate with dentistry. Every step of a procedure performed at our Dunedin office is done with awareness of your comfort.

2. The Power of Open Communication

A big part of fear is lack of trust—in your treatment, in your dentist, or in the idea that you’re going to be okay. Dr. Sura Dabbagh and Dr. Hayder Kafaji earn your trust by taking the time to explain each part of your appointment, address your concerns, discuss your options, and reassure you that you’ll be alright. Transparent communication helps you feel safe in our office and in our hands, reducing the unknown and easing worries.

3. Calming and Inviting Environment

Bayshore Family Dental’s office is a soothing environment that allows phobic patients to feel at home from the moment they step inside. The atmosphere is calming, featuring soft colors, comforting décor, and reassuring staff. Waiting room stress can directly impact a patient’s experience, so we make sure we have a relaxing pre-treatment area to set the tone for your office visit.

4. Utilization of Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry has revolutionized the experience of going to the dentist for many people with dental phobias. Our Dunedin dentist office offers nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) and oral conscious sedation. With either option, you aren’t knocked out but are put in a deeply relaxed state. Once you’re under the sedation, your treatment will feel faster. In fact, it literally can help us work faster because you’re more relaxed. We discuss this approach in advance to ensure you understand the process and feel comfortable with the level of sedation. 

5. Building a Culture of Empathy

The most enduring way our dentist in Dunedin accommodates phobias is by fostering an office culture of empathy. From our dental hygienist to our front desk staff, everyone is trained to recognize and respond to patients with phobias with kindness and patience. We’re always willing to adjust the pace of treatment to make a long-term patient out of someone who once feared the dental chair.

Our Dentist Office Was Made with You in Mind

We know these strategies can be a lifeline to receiving dental care without the crippling fear you’ve experienced in the past.Whether you’re coming in for your regular checkup or need to undergo a specific procedure, we make sure you feel in control, knowledgeable, and understood by our staff. With Bayshore Family Dental, your next dental visit can be a new beginning. Let us help you with your phobia—schedule an appointment today.

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