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Dunedin Family Dentistry: Treat Oral Care Like Skincare

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Your teeth serve as the first line of defense for your digestive system and bear the brunt of chewing, biting, and talking. Yet, while many people lather on creams and sunscreens to protect their skin from the sun, pollution, and aging, they sometimes neglect their teeth. Unlike your skin, your adult teeth don’t regenerate or repair themselves once damaged.

That’s why Bayshore Family Dental wants you to view oral health like skin health—as necessary self-care. With our Dunedin family dentistry services, your whole family can walk out of dentist appointments equipped with personalized care regimens that consider each individual’s needs. 

Like Sunscreen for Your Teeth: Dental Sealants

Imagine if you could apply sunscreen once and have it last for years. The oral health equivalent is dental sealants, which we offer along with your cleanings and checkups. Sealants are applied as a thin, protective layer over the chewing surfaces of your back teeth. This layer repels food particles and bacteria, the primary culprits in tooth decay.

While particularly beneficial for children and teens, adults can benefit from sealants, too, especially if they have no fillings and healthy teeth. As a result, consider this option for the entire family.

Like a Skincare Mask for Your Enamel: Fluoride Treatments

Similar to skin, teeth are porous. Therefore, our teeth can absorb substances like skin can. If you receive fluoride treatment as part of our Dunedin family dentistry services, your teeth absorb this natural mineral.

Fluoride not only makes teeth more resistant to cavities but also reverses early signs of tooth decay. For children, fluoride helps them develop strong, healthy teeth. For adults, it can help maintain tooth integrity. 

Find Which Products and Treatments Work for You

Bayshore Family Dental also offers targeted care for oral health, just like dermatologists use special care to tackle specific skin concerns. We can mix and match treatments and products to create a customized routine for each family member.

  • Toothpaste: There are a lot of kinds of toothpaste on the market, all claiming to do different things. Our Dunedin family dentistry can help you narrow down the list that matches your teeth and gum needs. 
  • Oral Rinses: Not all mouthwashes are the same. Some fight plaque, others relieve pain, and still others freshen breath. Like with toothpaste, we can make recommendations, as well as offer homemade rinse recipes.
  • Cosmetic Treatments: We’ve accepted that skin treatments that make us look good are often also good for our health. Cosmetic dentistry works the same! For instance, teeth whitening can encourage better health habits, and dental bonding can add a layer of protection. Get glowing and healthy results. 
  • Lifestyle Tips: Drinking lots of water, eating healthy, and staying on top of your whole-body wellness contribute to both healthy skin and healthy teeth. We can put your oral health in the context of your overall health. 

Invest in Our Dunedin Family Dentistry Services

If you’re willing to invest in high-quality skincare products, adopt the same approach and invest in high-quality dental care at Bayshore Family Dental. Contact us to set up routine check-ups, professional cleanings, and protective measures for your entire family. Over time, this investment will not only save you money but also ensure that your family’s smiles remain healthy and vibrant.

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