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Special Needs Patients

Each person is unique, but the need for quality healthcare is shared by everybody. We’re committed to treating our entire community to comprehensive dental care. That’s why our team has training and experience to accommodate all kinds of special needs patients.

Patients with Disabilities

Certain health conditions and disabilities can make oral health care more difficult. When daily practices of brushing and flossing are harder to perform thoroughly, there’s a higher risk of dental problems arising. In these situations, routine cleanings and checkups are even more important to maintain oral health.

Bayshore Family Dental is proud to offer dentistry for special needs patients. We understand the importance of providing compassionate and accessible dental care to patients with disabilities. Our team has specialized training to design personalized treatment plans that meet the needs of each individual patient. We also work closely with any caregivers or family members for extra support if needed. It’s our goal to make sure no one is left out of quality oral health care.

Dental Phobia

As a patient, it’s not easy dealing with dental anxiety. You may have an upcoming procedure that you’re dreading, or a general dental phobia that makes any visit feel like a reason to panic. Extreme dental phobia often leads to avoiding necessary care to catch and treat problems early.

Your peace of mind is just as important as your oral health. It’s the reason we provide dental anxiety treatment options in the most comfortable environment we can. We take our time to answer any questions to lessen your dental fears, and provide sedation dentistry services to make your visit pain and worry-free. Dental phobia doesn’t have to hold you back from compassionate care.

Severe Gag Reflex

Everybody has a gag reflex, but when it’s overly sensitive a trip visit with the dentist can be uncomfortable. Sudden contractions may constantly interrupt your treatment, or even become dangerous during certain procedures.

Our dental team is trained to provide relief for patients with a severe gag reflex. We’ll go over your previous experiences and work to understand your sensitivity for a fitting solution. Some patients respond well to light numbing of the tongue or roof of the mouth to decrease sensitivity. Others are served well through the distraction of listening to music or watching TV in our operatories. We’ll take the steps to ensure a safe, comfortable visit.

Dentistry That Meets Your Needs

Having special needs doesn’t mean you or your loved ones can’t receive high quality dental care. Our team at Bayshore Family Dental is trained and ready to accommodate your unique needs. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment and get the personalized care you deserve.

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