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At Bayshore Dental, we provide full-service restorative dentistry treatments, including dental crowns to restore the appearance and structure of your teeth. Dental crowns repair damaged teeth for a seamless, incredibly natural looking finish.

What is a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are durable caps that are placed over teeth to restore their appearance and functionality. Porcelain is our preferred choice of material. It’s naturally stain resistant and matched to the existing shade of teeth for a seamless, natural looking restoration.

A damaged tooth can become a large hassle. It may cause nagging tooth pain, make it difficult to eat or sleep, and often lead to larger problems or infection if not treated promptly. A tooth crown is a restorative solution with versatile applications:

  • Reinforce the structure of cracked teeth
  • Restore teeth worn down through severe tooth decay
  • Provide support for dental bridges
  • Restore teeth damaged through teeth grinding or clenching
  • Provide a cover for teeth after root canal therapy
  • Improve the appearance of misshapen or discolored teeth

Dental Crown Procedure

A dental crown procedure typically takes two visits to complete. On the first visit, we’ll take digital x-rays and create an impression of the damaged tooth. The tooth is then prepped to receive the tooth cap by removing excess decay or damaged enamel. At this point, a temporary crown is put into place to protect the tooth while the permanent crown is built.

Once the permanent crown is ready, it’s used to replace the temporary crown. We’ll make final adjustments for a proper fit and bite before cementing the crown into place. Local numbing anesthesia may be used during the procedure if it’s necessary to get close to the nerve of the tooth.

Maintaining Your Dental Crown

Once a dental crown is put into place, patients are usually able to go right back to their normal routine. Keep practicing brushing and flossing twice a day, and schedule regular cleanings and checkups with us to ensure your oral health stays on track.

Dental crowns are long-lasting solutions, but they aren’t impervious to chipping. Avoid any bad habits like using your crowns to open packages or chew on hard objects. If it’s necessary to touch up or replace a crown, your dentist will let you know during your routine checkups.

Protect your Smile with Dental Crowns at Bayshore Family Dental

Dental crowns are highly effective and common restorative options for many patients. If you’re in need of a tooth crown, schedule an appointment with a trusted provider that puts your comfort and health first. Contact us at Bayshore Family Dental and get the respectful care you need.

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