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Dental Bridges

A missing tooth is hard to live with. Beyond the effects on daily speech and eating, it may strongly impact one’s self-esteem. Oral health problems can also arise if left untreated. At Bayshore Family Dental, we take your appearance and health to heart. We provide dental bridges to restore missing teeth as a cosmetic dentistry service, leaving you with a full smile you can show off proudly.

Is a Dental Bridge Right for Me?

Dental bridges are natural looking, artificial teeth supported by surrounding teeth to fill, or bridge, the gap left by missing teeth. Teeth can fall out from trauma to the jaw or advanced gum disease. For a single or set of missing teeth, a dental bridge may be the perfect solution to fill gaps for a healthy, balanced smile.

During an initial consultation of missing teeth, we’ll help decide if a dental bridge is right for you. Best candidates have healthy teeth on either side of missing teeth to support the bridge, no existing medical infections or issues, and good general oral health.

Dental Bridge Benefits

The difference a dental bridge makes to a smile is seen in more than just the teeth. It can be seen all over a patient’s face and body language. A restored smile can cause massive benefits to confidence and much more:

  • Improved speech: Gaps can cause difficulties speaking. A dental bridge restores teeth that support daily speech.
  • Stop teeth misalignment: If a gap is left by a missing tooth, the surrounding teeth might shift into the empty area and misalign the rest. A misaligned bite can lead to lasting jaw pain or TMJ/TMD problems.
  • Improved Appearance: A missing tooth can bring down self-esteem. Bridging gaps are huge confidence boosters and make a drastic difference to one’s smile and face structure.
  • Better Bite and Eating: A dental bridge is structured for an even bite that prevents excess jaw stress and makes eating well enjoyable as it should be.

What to Expect During Your Dental Bridge Procedure

Dental Bridges are typically applied in two visits. During the first visit, impressions are taken of the supporting teeth on either side of the gap. A portion of the enamel and dentin is removed to fit dental crowns on top, and then a temporary bridge is put in place.

In the follow-up visit, the temporary bridge is removed and replaced with a permanent porcelain bridge built to match your natural teeth color and shape. The bridge is adjusted for a comfortably aligned bite before it’s cemented into place.

Restore Your Smile At Bayshore Family Dental

We understand the positive changes dental bridges can make to your life. Let our experienced team give you the care you need, judgment and stress-free. Contact us today and schedule an appointment with us at Bayshore Family Dental. 

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