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Tooth Pain, Jaw Pain

If you’re waking up in pain again, it’s time to pay your dentist a visit. Pain or increased sensitivity to your teeth and jaws can immediately cause trouble for your daily life. They might affect your ability to eat, speak, or sleep. They’re also often results of further underlying problems. Left untreated, the pain may subside for a moment only to become more severe in the future. At Bayshore Family Dental, we offer comprehensive family dentistry to find the cause of your pain and offer the relief you need. For when the pain is too much to handle, schedule an emergency appointment with us for same-day care.

When Should I See a Dentist for Tooth or Jaw Pain?

Here are a few common signs that you should make an appointment for your pain:

  • The pain has lasted more than two days
  • You have swelling around your face or mouth
  • You experience a fever alongside your pain
  • The pain is severe

What Causes Tooth Pain?

The most common cause of tooth pain and sensitivity are cavities caused by tooth decay. Plaque that wears away at the hard outer enamel of teeth reveals the sensitive dentin underneath, which can cause pain or discomfort. Buildups of plaque and tooth decay may also cause gum disease or go further into the tooth where root canal therapy may be necessary. Swelling around the face or mouth are signs of infection or an abscessed tooth, which should be treated by your dentist immediately.

What Causes Jaw Pain?

Jaw pain is often a sign of temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ/TMD, where the jaw is under stress through teeth grinding and clenching or a misaligned bite. Teeth grinding in your sleep can wear down teeth over time and cause headaches and insomnia. Pain might be felt on only one side of the jaw or all the way to the ears. Other causes of jaw pain are physical trauma to the joint or excess stress placed on the jaw from a misaligned bite.

Compassionate Pain Relief

Pain is something you shouldn’t suffer through alone. If you’re experiencing any discomfort, our team is here to find the cause of the problem and offer the relief needed to stop tooth pain fast. Our compassionate team offers full-service dental solutions to take you from diagnosis to treatment in one place. Don’t let pain linger. Contact us to set up an appointment today and get the treatment you need.

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