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Settling the Most Common Teeth Whitening Myths

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Countless people want whiter smiles. With treatments and information everywhere, the amount of information can be overwhelming. Just figuring out what’s the real deal and what’s not is a hassle! We’re here to debunk common myths about teeth whitening so you have the facts to take the first step towards whiter teeth.

Anybody Can Have A Pure White Smile

Teeth whitening treatments are effective in making your smile several shades brighter, but where people start and end up isn’t always the same. Somebody with light stains to begin with will have whiter smiles than others with deeper stains after the same treatment. Genetics and age will also affect results. It’s notable that a pure white smile isn’t a natural look for everybody. There should be a balance between your skin tone, whites of your eyes, and other physical features.

Teeth Whitening Damages Your Teeth

With a plethora of teeth whitening options on the market, it wouldn’t be honest to say they all have your overall tooth health in mind. With that said, there are definitely safe methods and treatments available for a whiter smile. The best option is always to visit your dentist for a professional teeth whitening. They’ll take the extra steps to assess the health of your teeth and protect your gums and smile from extra sensitivity or abrasion.

At-Home Treatments Are The Same As Professional Care

In the dental aisle, whitening products are a dime a dozen. Although they offer the same results and occasionally the same ingredients, they can hardly compare to a professional teeth whitening. In-office, dental grade products are used since they’re administered professionally. The treatments will be safer, more effective, and tailored to your needs and sensitivities.

Activated Charcoal Whitens Teeth

Counter-intuitive enough to make for an interesting lifehack, there’s been buzz around activated charcoal for years now. Unfortunately, it’s not going to help with teeth whitening. Even as a fine powder, activated charcoal particles are abrasive to your teeth. They might get stuck between the teeth and wear down the enamel over time, exposing the darker colored dentin.

Professional Teeth Whitening is Too Expensive

Teeth whitening from your dentist is more affordable than ever. The treatment is also much more effective, meaning you’ll get instant results from one payment instead of weeks to months long purchases of at-home products. It may be an easy choice to pick up a pack of whitening gum from the grocery store, but a smart shopper will opt for in-office care.

Teeth Whitening Lasts Forever

Whitening products effectively remove stains for a brighter smile, sometimes instantly. That doesn’t mean they stop new stains from showing up! To preserve your results, avoid drinks like coffee, black tea, and red wine or opt for a straw to avoid tooth contact. A follow up treatment can always touch up your smile if necessary.

A whiter smile is possible, safely and effectively. To schedule a professional teeth whitening or have your questions answered, contact us today at Bayshore Family Dental.

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