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All On Four

All-on-Four is a revolutionary technique that changes the way people receive implants. Without bone grafting or months of preparation, patients can receive a full set of permanent teeth in as little as a single visit. For people who have suffered missing or failing teeth, All-on-Four can change their life.

Full Arch

Compared to individual dental implants, All-on-Four is a cost-effective, minimally invasive, and fast way to receive a full set of new, permanent teeth. It’s best for people who have lost the majority of their teeth, and can be used to replace all the teeth in the lower, upper, or full jaw in a single visit. All-on-Four differs from typical implants by supporting an entire row of teeth with four implants into the jawbone. These implants are carefully angled for increased stability and work together to support the teeth without additional bone grafting.

Each procedure begins with a comprehensive examination of your oral history and existing conditions. 3D images and digital x-rays are then taken of the jawbone. These assist in locating nerves and sinuses around the bone structure for when the implants are inserted. A computer simulation of the implants is created to find the best places to support proper positioning. After careful preparation, the oral surgery can begin. Anesthesia is provided and the four supporting implants are installed. You’ll be ready to walk out of the office with a half or full arch set of teeth at the end of your visit.

Implants Over Dentures

Implants have major implants over removable dentures. All-on-Four implants resemble natural teeth. They can be cleaned and brushed without removal, and there are no dietary restrictions that may come with dentures. Discomfort from brackets or wires that hold dentures into place are also avoided. One of the greatest benefits of All-on-Four implants is how it supports the health of the jawbone. They can make a massive difference for bone and jaw structure and greatly improve one’s cosmetic appearance.

All-on-Four implants are a permanent rehabilitation for missing teeth. One doesn’t have to worry about the fragility and extra care of dentures, or consider the need to adjust or receive a new pair as the jaw naturally shifts with age. Since they aren’t removed, the ability to avoid shifting or discomfort lets one smile and laugh confidently around friends and loved ones.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Restoring your smile is more than enhancing the appearance of your teeth. It’s improving your overall health for a lifetime of benefits. Damaged or discolored teeth shouldn’t just be masked with cosmetic procedures and at-home teeth whitening. Inconsistent teeth are frequently the sign of an underlying health issue that must be addressed or further problems will arise. Even when extraction is necessary, we’ll work with you to get a confident smile back. With All-on-Four, you’ll have a full set of teeth not just for appearances, but for the betterment of your long term health.

Snap On Dentures

Not everybody is a candidate for All-on-Four. Even if you’ve suffered extensive bone loss, snap on dentures are available for an attractive, secure set of teeth. Snap on dentures are anchored onto stabilization implants that hold them in place. They can still be removed for daily cleaning, but offer many benefits compared to conventional dentures.

  • More stable: Anchor implants provide more support than conventional dentures, which may become loose or slip while speaking or laughing.
  • More comfortable: Conventional dentures are supported by the gums and may cause irritation if the fit isn’t perfect. Snap on dentures cause less friction and generally fit more comfortably.
  • Better appearance: When worn, snap on dentures often more closely resemble natural teeth.
  • Improved jaw health: Strategic anchor implants support the jawbone and prevent bone loss compared to conventional dentures.

One Visit For a Lifetime of Smiles

Modern dentistry at Bayshore Family Dental doesn’t sacrifice quality for efficiency. With the experienced care of our dental team, you’ll have the best of both worlds for a beautiful new smile in as little as a day. Get your smile and your confidence back. Contact us today for a consultation.

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