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Dunedin Family Dentistry: The Perks of Charting Your Oral Health Over Time

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While hopping from one dentist to another might not seem like a big deal, sticking with a long-term Dunedin family dentistry practice can be better for you. Why? Long-term health tracking. Making Bayshore Family Dental your permanent dental home means our team can provide you with big-picture care. From creating projections to seeing trends in your oral health, you’ll benefit from having a place that tracks your care over time.

Adaptive Care

Long-term care helps us continually adapt to changes in your dental health journey. A dentist who has been by your side for years will understand and recognize your nuances. Once we get to know you and your lifestyle, we can find ways to make oral health care and hygiene work for you. Plus, when we already know what your baseline oral health looks like, we can more easily notice when something is off and focus on a solution.

Wisdom Teeth Tracking

These third molars often cause problems as they emerge, from getting stuck (impacted) to messing with the alignment of your existing teeth. Our family dentist can project the path of your wisdom teeth and identify potential issues before you start feeling negative symptoms. This gives us time to decide on the best course of action, like wisdom teeth removal, potentially avoiding complications. 

Trend Recognition

Coming to see us often helps us track larger patterns that could point to a consistent problem. For instance, if you’ve come in more than once for cracked or worn teeth, we can investigate whether you have bruxism—teeth grinding. If so, Bayshore Family Dental can create a night guard to protect your teeth. We can notice signs of sleep apnea. As the American Dental Association (ADA) reports, aspects of your oral health, like your tongue or tonsil size or the angle of your palate, can point to the condition. Our Dunedin family dentistry services can also notice early signs of problems in your children, allowing us to plan for things like orthodontic care

Easier Communication 

At our Dunedin family dentistry office, our staff knows you by name, understands your concerns, and is aware of your medical history. This can make it easier for us to have open discussions about your care in a way that works for you. Our family dentist notes your fears, makes accommodations, and learns the best ways to communicate with you. In other words, we learn to speak your language. 

Convenience and Cost-Saving

Having a long-term dentist keep track of your teeth and gum health is a time- and money-saver. You won’t have to waste your energy explaining everything about your health over the past few years; we already know it and can act on it. Plus, you can avoid redundant or unnecessary care by having a clear idea of your health. That, in turn, avoids unnecessary expenses. 

Big-Picture Care from Our Dunedin Family Dentistry Services

Get all these advantages and more at Bayshore Family Dental. We pride ourselves on creating long-term partnerships with our patients. Get personalized, proactive care at our office in Dunedin, FL. Your smile will make a lasting impression thanks to a lasting relationship with us. Contact us today to set up your first appointment!

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